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Patrol services include trained & uniformed staff checking that the parking regulations on your site are being complied with.

Before setting up the warden service, we discuss signs and the rules you wish to implement and agree a start date to allow site users to be informed in advance.

Car Park Management


Where a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) needs to be issued by our patrol staff, such as for not displaying a valid permit, parking on hatched areas or misuse of a blue badge bay, our Patrol Officers use hand-held terminals to input vehicle registration numbers and take photographic evidence of the parking violation, before issuing a PCN.


The use of PCN’s allows the vehicle to be driven away which shortens any obstruction time and further allows the driver to make an appeal if they feel the PCN has been issued incorrectly.

If we do not receive an appeal and / or the PCN is not paid within a specified time we contact the Registered Keeper, via DVLA request. This allows us to take further action to collect any outstanding charges under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 – Schedule 4: Collection of unpaid parking charges.

Using clear signs and having robust procedures in place, combined with the latest technology allows us to effectively patrol and manage the parking terms & conditions on your land.

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