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Up to £1000 Fine Being Implemented for Dirty or Obscured Number Plates

Police are cracking down on drivers who have dirty number plates on their cars and are dishing out fines of up to £1,000. Number plates let the owner and the police know when and where the vehicle is registered. The fine acts as a deterrent and a reminder to drivers in the UK to check their licence plates on a regular basis. The DVLA insist all plates should be made from a reflective material and the front panel should display black characters on a white background.

The rear plate should display black characters on a yellow background.

Licence plates should not have a background pattern and licence plates must be displayed at the rear of the motorcycle. Those registered on or after September 1 can also display a plate on the front but this is not essential, according to the DVLA. Two line number plates are standard for motorcycles registered after September 1, 2001. It is against the law to display a one line plate on a motorcycle, regardless of the date of registration.

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