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Pay by phone parking enables customers to pay for parking using a mobile phone / tablet or PC instead of having to put money in a Pay & Display machine or collect a permit

Easier than cash

This removes the need for your customers to carry bags of change or collect a permit as the parking charge is simply charged to the chosen credit or debit card. 


This system can also be used to issue staff or visitor permits. As an example a visitor space may have a maximum stay of 48 hours.

By using this system once the 48 hours has expired the vehicle cannot re book and will flag up on our hand held system if it overstays. This prevents continual use of a visitor bay by one vehicle.


Quick and easy, low cost way to offer credit or debit card


Convenient for customers, no running out of time they just top up

where applicable.

No need to upgrade or replace your existing equipment.

Reduce cash collections, processing and banking

Reduce losses from ticket transfer, fraud, theft and vandalism 


Flexible tariffing, including for example, longer term parking sessions,

Carbon-Metered parking (CO2 based tariffs) and Event day charging

Automatic payment & reconciliation

Car Park Management
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