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From our experience in the parking sector we know one of the main issues facing our customers is the problems caused by the constant abuse of Disabled bays and even Parent / Child bays.

Minimising abuse of Disabled bays

We are a Corporate Member of Disabled Motoring (UK) & believe in paying special attention to the monitoring of Disabled bays to minimise their abuse and ensure that they will rightly be available for genuine Blue Badge holders using your facilities.

Car Park Management


Many drivers feel that by using a disabled bay for a short period of time they are not causing a problem to disabled drivers or to you as the landowner.

We believe they are wrong, as landowners have a responsibility to provide sufficient access, and the customer needs the extra space to make visiting your establishment a positive and hassle free experience, which should mean they want to come back!


We can implement our solutions immediately or provide you with a detailed site survey first to assess the issues and put a solution in place.

This service can be used to supplement ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras which although very effective, doesn’t monitor who parks in which space once the vehicle has entered the car park.

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