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car park management


Below is some information regarding some of the most common sectors our business provides management and solutions for, take a look at what we can provide for your businesses parking facilities.

Shopping Centres & Retail Parks

With our years of experience and consultations with established retail parks and shopping centres, we have developed a huge variety of car park management services that guarantee retail car parks run smoothly, but at the same time provide an excellent customer experience. We believe that the customers experience starts upon entry to the car park and it is crucial to create a user friendly environment to grow visitor numbers. As retail parks & shopping centres are often close to city centres, public transport links and local amenities, our statistics have shown  that they most commonly suffer abuse from:

  • Disabled / Parent & Child bay abuse

  • unauthorised parking 

  • non-customer parking 

Pubs & Restaurants

Statistics show that the majority of pubs and restaurants across the UK offer free parking to genuine customers who then spend money inside. Whilst this seems like a good idea, in reality these free spaces tend to more often than not,  be used by those who aren’t patrons of your establishment. Not only does this make genuine patrons look elsewhere (possibly to rivals) but it can also vastly reduce custom – in some cases up to 25%.  Premier Park has featured at the "The Pub Show" business exhibit since 2017 and recognise within the hospitality trade that customer experience takes priority and that having an efficient, user friendly car park is a key ingredient in achieving this. With our tailored services we can transform your car park to help you increase new & returning customer numbers and vastly reduce car park abuse such as:

  • Customers & staff of other  local businesses

  • Patrons leaving their vehicles overnight

  • Car sharing commuters

  • Local residents

NHS & Hospitals

Premier Park are proud to be a Car Park Management provider for NHS Trusts in the South West of England. We offer high tech specialist Car Parking solutions for NHS Hospitals and have successfully done so for many years.

Through consultations with the NHS we have created specialised Car Parking solutions tailored for the specific needs of Hospital Staff and Patients. These services include intricate Permit Schemes, Pay & Display, Warden Patrol and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)


Premier Park are proud to be a leading provider of car park management services to large supermarket chains. Through years of experience we have developed specialist parking services to guarantee large supermarket car parks run efficiently and provide an exemplary customer experience.

Our statistics show that Supermarket car parks suffer abuse in the form of:

  • Non-customer vehicles taking up valuable spaces

  • Congestion

  • Misuse of disabled and Parent & Child bays

By employing a combination of car park management services, we can drastically improve your customers experience and create a user friendly car park.


Premier Park recognises within the hospitality sector (especially hotels) that customer experience is your number one priority. We are proud to have partnered with many hotel chains to overhaul their car parks making them more efficient and user friendly.

We are due to appear at "AHC 2019" a huge hospitality exhibit in manchester so you can be assured we have developed high tech parking solutions to resolve these issues including ANPR cameras, warden patrols & kiosks for online permits. Our solutions heavily reduce parking abuse whilst making sure that genuine customers aren't penalised, bringing peace of mind and enhancing the customer experience for the duration of their stay.

Universities, Colleges & Student Accomodation

Premier Park understand that for many Universities, Colleges & Student Housing whether on Campus or off, managing your own Staff & Student Car Parks is costly and time consuming. We can install full Car Park Management Services that are ideally suited for large University and College Sites to guarantee the Car Park runs efficiently and does not hinder upon Staff Resources.

University and College Car Parks often suffer parking abuse in the form of:

  • Oversubscribed Car Parks during term time

  • Unauthorised vehicles

  • Permit system errors

Motorway Services

We have extensive experience in providing Car Park Management Packages for busy Motorway Services. Our Partnership with The West Moorland Group allowed us to completely rejuvenate the Parking Facilities at Gloucester Services, south bound and north bound. We understand that with such a large Customer turn-over, unauthorised parking will be an issue, but with the Parking Services we can provide, this can be entirely prevented to guarantee spaces are available for genuine Customers.

We are aware that these sites can face very specific challenges with their Car Parking. such as:

  • Commercial vehicles such as Lorries being left overnight

  • Constant congestion issues

  • Car Park maintenance issues

  • Abandoned vehicles

Our specialist Car Parking services have been developed to rectify these issues and create an efficient & user friendly Car Park.

Offices & Industry

Premier Park works with many businesses throughout the UK to manage their Staff Car Parks whether an Office, Branch or Headquarters. Our Parking Services will ensure unauthorised vehicles are fully deterred from parking within your Premises and that spaces remain available for your Staff and Business Visitors.

Premier Park can provide a range of specialist Parking Services to ensure your Office Car Park runs efficiently and is Staff friendly.

Our statistics have shown that Office Car Parks are often abused in the form of:

  • Unauthorised vehicles

  • Management of permits

  • Maintenance of parking areas

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