Pay & Display

Pay & Display is one of the most popular systems in use to generate revenue from a parking area.

We currently provide pay and display parking systems to many of our customers on land ranging from tarmac car parks to land awaiting development.

We offer a number of different pay and display parking systems geared for you to gain the most benefits:

Pay and Display Profit Share Package

This is usually the most popular option as Premier meet all the ingoing costs of the pay and display machines, signage & operational costs and give you a percentage of the revenue generated. A great way if you have the land but not the time or budget.

Pay and Display Rent / Lease Package

We can lease the land or parking area from you to guarantee you a monthly income. This pay and display option is if you want a guaranteed monthly amount as opposed to a possibly higher percentage on the profit share scheme

Whatever your pay and display requirements are, we will create a solution to maximize the revenue from your car park.

Pay and Display Systems include:

• Full installation of pay and display machines and signage
• Full maintenance of pay and display system
• Cash collections if required
• Reconciliation of cash generated
• Patrols / ANPR to encourage car park compliance


To find out more about our Pay and Display options call a member of our team now on 0845 077 2873 or email