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Parking Enforcement

Any enforcement scheme should first and foremost be in place as a deterrent to unauthorised parking.

For the small minority who then choose to ignore the warning signs and regulations, you can find below a brief explanation of some of the methods available to deal with this.

Vehicle Immobilisation

Banned in England & Wales as of 1st October 2012 - We can still protect your land please call for more information.

Parking Charge Notices

Parking Charge Notices (PCN) are a good enforcement measure. Once a PCN has been issued any non payments are referred to
and then pursued through the DVLA via our Collection Agency.

Self Ticketing System

This is another method to allow the landowner a level of control over their parking area. You arrange for your own member of staff to patrol and monitor the site.

We will arrange and supply all signs, PCN notices, permits and equipment for this system.

In the event of finding an unauthorised vehicle a PCN is written and stuck on the windscreen of the car.

You then send us the original PCN copy and we process and collect payments or if required deal with any appeal and report back to you.


Please see ANPR 

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