Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera systems use the latest technology to encourage the correct use of your car park facilities.

All day, all night in all weather,


Our ANPR systems record vehicle details day and night, in all weather conditions, offering a complete 24/7 solution.

We currently provide pay and display parking systems to many of our customers on land ranging from tarmac car parks to land awaiting development.



ANPR can be linked into a payment terminal or integrate with a ‘Pay by Phone’ service to cut back on the expense of purchasing pay & display machines or as an additional payment measure. These two methods when linked to ANPR are fully automated.


Complete equipment supply, commissioning & on-going maintenance by our own staff

Subject to survey we can usually provide ANPR Systems FREE of charge

Fully integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) / Pay & Display (P&D) solutions

24/7 operational capability & flexible customer payment options (cash, card, phone, web, permit, top-up)

Statistical information & on site ‘virtual’ permit system via a secure client web portal

Full enforcement processing & Independent Appeal Procedure available

Client / Customer focus supported by account management


ANPR reporting features can also provide you with the latest information relating to your car park.

Car Park Management